The CatStrap™ is easy to install and works on any vehicle.

Unlike obtrusive cage-design systems that only fit on certain vehicles ,the CatStrap™ provides a clean, simple installation on all vehicles because it requires less than 3/8" clearance for installation - a must for today's space starved under-car designs.


The CatStrap™  requires no special tools. The entire installation can be complete in less than 30 minutes, and with the cost of replacing a catalytic converter, is well worth the time and price of the CatStrap™.




Installation Points

Some catalytic converters are designed with built-in heat shields. The CatStrap™ takes advantage of this feature by routing the strap beneath the shield. This greatly enhances installation integrity and provides an extra layer of protection.
Steel Ties & Clamps
Each CatStrap™ kit includes 10 stainless steel ties to securely attach to the exhaust system. NOT INCLUDED, but strongly recommended, locally purchase traditional exhaust clamps for added security (variety of attachment methods causes frustration - encourages them to "Just Move On")
Heat Activated Adhesive
ALL NEW for even easier installation. Catstrap now comes with heat activated adhesive strip built right into the back of the strap. No more messy bonding paste to apply! Should one not want to bond the strap onto the exhaust, strip can be removed before installation
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 Here are some some pictures of a typical installation to be used as a guide. 

NOTE the use of   HARD EXHAUST CLAMPS  used at either side of the converter and at the extremity of the strap - to be purchased locally.  These clamps can be tightened to the point where they actually form to the pipe, so that even if cut, require significant effort to remove, using a hammer. 

Install along the bottom of the exhaust pipe in order that the bright yellow warning label is as visible as possible

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