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EV Charging Cable Anti-Theft Protection

Protect your charging stations with CatStrap's EV Cable Shield


With millions invested in state-of-the-art electric vehicle fast charging stations, ready to power the future of transportation, chargers are standing silent. Rather than humming with electricity, their cables are severed by brazen thieves. This isn't science fiction. It's happening right now, from Seattle to Houston, leaving EV owners stranded and station operators hemorrhaging cash.

"Out of the 88 chargers that the City of Fresno operates, approximately 50-60 have been vandalized, and multiple times as well," 

The culprit? Copper. Thieves are wrecking havoc on public EV charging stations to scrap the valuable metal from charging cables. In addition to costly repairs, these thefts are responsible for lost revenue, stranded drivers, and a crippling blow to our clean energy future.

While station operators try to stop them with - security cameras, steel cabinets, even 24/7 patrols, the thieves keep coming back. Until now.

Introducing the CatStrap EV Cable Shield - the first and only anti-theft solution designed specifically for EV charging cords. By leveraging our decade of experience in catalytic converter theft protection, we developed the ultimate defense against the rising tide of commercial charging cable theft, the CatStrap EV Cable Shield:


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Imagine a thief eyeing your charging cables. They approach, tools in hand, ready to strike. But this time, they're in for a shock.

The CatStrap EV Cable Shield has been engineered for ultimate protection against EV cable thieves:

  1. Hardened Steel Barrier: Two 30mm-wide flexible steel strips run along the length of the cable, custom-hardened to a Rockwell Hardness of 55 HRC. That's tougher than most cutting blades. Thieves' tools will dull and break before making a dent.

  2. Industrial-Grade Adhesive Sleeve: A 6-inch wide poly sleeve, sunburst yellow, encases the steel core and adheres around the cable. No thief will have the time or tools to remove it. The protective sleeve can be made available in any color! 

  3. Triple-Secure Installation: Additional hose clamps covered with a strip of peel & stick 3M adhesive further protect the sleeve by locking it at multiple points. Front, middle, and back - there's no weak spot for criminals to exploit.

  4. Optional DyeDefender: For those who demand the ultimate in security, add our proprietary DyeDefender system. Spiral-wrapped or running straight along the cable, it's secured with industrial clamps. With a bright yellow warning placard, thieves know: Cut this, and you'll be sprayed with blue dye. "1000's sold with ZERO reported theft attempts. The ultimate anti-theft solution."

  5. Field-Ready Application: Your team can install the CatStrap EV Cable Shield on-site. Simply peel, stick, and secure. No specialized tools or training required.

The result? A charging cable that's impractical to steal. No single tool can defeat it. No thief will risk the time or exposure trying. The CatStrap EV Cable Shield does more than protect. It sends a message: These cables are not worth the trouble. Move on.


In field tests, 99% of would-be thieves don't even attempt to cut when protected by our system. The mere sight of that yellow sleeve and warning placard is enough to deter them.


Stop replacing cables. Stop losing revenue. Stop disappointing your customers.


It's time to fight back against charging cable theft. Protect your investment. Keep your stations running. Power the future of transportation. Order your CatStrap EV Cable Shield today, and sleep easy tonight.


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