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We tested the Catstrap in a cutting performance test under real-world conditions. As you can see in the below video, the Catstrap works as intended and is impractical to cut with even the most powerful cutting tools. After 2.5min of cutting, only 10% of the first cut was completed and the saw blade was completely dulled. In summary, the Catstrap protects the catalytic converter against even a determined thief. In most cases, they will just move on to an easier target. 


Importantly, the Catstrap was installed correctly in this video including the u-channel clamp collars. The complete installation instructions are viewable hereAlways take the time to ensure correct installation, as this is critical to the performance of the product.


Testing was conducted with a 20V Dewalt Reciprocating Sawzall and Diablo Steel Demon Bi-Metal Auto Dismantling Saw Blades. These are top of the line cutting tools as of 2023, in order to give the Catstrap a legitimate test under worst-case conditions. This test was performed on the Catstrap with 2023 design upgrades which contains triple-layers of hardened strip steel.

This photo shows a failed cutting blade that was used to cut the Catstrap.  This blade is on the top.  The bottom blade is a new blade.  Note how the teeth are worn off of the top blade, then compare it to the new blade.  This degraded condition usually happens after cutting time of approximately 1.5 minutes 

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