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Catalytic Converter Lock

Prevent Theft with a Catalytic Converter Lock

Today, there are more reports of catalytic converter theft than ever before. This is especially true as more and more hybrid models hit the streets, which are known for their higher percentage of precious and expensive metals. While this is true, you can take steps to prevent catalytic converter theft. One option is to invest in a catalytic converter lock, and other methods can be found here.

Park Carefully

To steal something under the hood of your vehicle, thieves have to be able to get under it. However, if you park someone that eliminates this option, you can also eliminate the possibility of theft.

Mark the Part with a Serial Number

There are some garages that will etch a serial number onto a catalytic converter. If someone happens to steal it, then it will be easy to recognize when they try to sell it. You can also receive a sticker to put in your window that lets others know that your vehicle’s catalytic converter is marked. This can help prevent people from targeting your car completely.

Weld the Bolts in Place

The catalytic converter is bolted to your vehicle. You can ask your mechanic or the local garage to weld the bolts in place. This makes it much harder to remove. As you can see, there are several ways you can safeguard your catalytic converter. Along with the methods here, consider investing in the catalytic converter lock, as this provides an additional layer of security that ensures this part will not be stolen from your vehicle.

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