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Introducing DyeDefender:

Innovation with a Hint of Revenge Against Catalytic Converter Thieves!

We understand how violating and frustrating it can be to discover that your catalytic converter has been stolen. That's why we've developed a new product that takes a stand and fights back!


The DyeDefender is an add-on to the Catstrap. The stainless steel hose barrier is filled with pressurized, blue-staining dye that delivers an exploding, colorful surprise to thieves. If a thief attempts to cut, they'll quickly learn they've messed with the wrong car! 


The braided stainless steel exterior houses pressurized blue dye, which bursts like a glitter bomb if cut.

"1000's sold with ZERO reported theft attempts. the ultimate solution"

The DyeDefender is mounted on the exhaust pipe using stainless steel ties and hard exhaust clamps. For vehicles with the Catstrap already installed, the DyeDefender can be easily added over top of the strap, using the same clamps to secure it.

The DyeDefender has been a long awaited passion project of the Catstrap team. This product was developed in response to customer feedback with product development starting over a year ago. We're excited to bring this innovation to you! We've worked to develop the perfect combination of "revenge factor" with a safe, reliable, durable product.


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View Demonstration Video Here:

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