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Catstrap Installation Locations 

The below locations (view map) are familiar with Catstrap™ and perform installations for customers. 

The Catstrap is designed to be simple to install with the car lifted up. Almost any auto shop will be able to install. For the Cateye, no wiring other than attaching terminals to the battery is required.  The Catstrap entails clamping the strap (consistency of thick heavy rope) to the exhaust pipe. We include installation instruction sheets with all orders. If your auto shop technician has any questions they can give us a call.

To assist customers with finding an auto shop in their local area, we have partnered with a network of service centers who are familiar with and willing to complete Catstrap installations for customers. Simply give them a call and bring your Catstrap and/or Cateye product with you when you bring in your vehicle. If there is no location close to you, we recommend any local auto shop or muffler shop. Almost any repair center will be able to install. We include detailed instructions in every order. Questions? Tell them to give us a call.

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Installation Locations


Note: Some RUSH Truck Centers may only service trucks/RV's. If you have a personal vehicle, we recommend starting with a Non-Rush location.

Example installation video:


NOTE: if contacting a RUSH TRUCK CENTER, mention "CATSTRP" as the Labor Operation Code, or "CATPACK" for the Cateye Bundle.)



Includes Free Shipping With USA, 

Extra shipping charges for any shipments outside USA

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