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DyeDefender Anti-Theft Exploding Dye Guard: innovation with a hint of revenge against catalytic converter thieves.  So visually intimidating, that with 1000's sold, we've received ZERO reports of any theft attempts!


Discovering your catalytic converter has been stolen can leave you feeling frustrated and violated. You're not alone. We developed this product to take a stand with a solution that fights back.


The DyeDefender is a stainless steel hose barrier filled with pressurized, blue-staining dye that delivers an exploding, colorful surprise to thieves. When a thief attempts to cut through the DyeDefender, they'll quickly learn they've messed with the wrong car! 


The braided stainless steel exterior houses pressurized blue dye, which, upon being cut, bursts like a glitter bomb and releases a surge of stain-inducing dye. Not only will this ruin the thief's day and make them think twice about another theft attempt, but it may also increase the chance of them being apprehended.


We understand the need for a sense of justice against those who target your property. Please note that our dye release mechanism is made from non-hazardous, organic compounds and does not pose a risk of injury to the thief or any bystanders.


For vehicles with the Catstrap already installed, the exsisting clamps can be used to easily secure both the DyeDefender and the Catstrap. The DyeDefender simply mounts right over top of the Catstrap. 


Watch our video above to see the DyeDefender in action and put an end to catalytic converter theft. It's time to make theives think twice before targeting your vehicle! 

DyeDefender: Exploding Dye Guard Add-On for Catstrap - 7ft Long

SKU: 0017
    • 1 DyeDefender (7 ft long - Shown Coiled):
    • Bright yellow warning tag: "PRESSURIZED: DO NOT CUT"
    • 10 Stainless Steel Ties
    • Four (4) Clamp Collars (note: the u-bolt exhaust/muffler clamps are not included) 
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