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Solution for FORD E-450/F53 Chassis-based RV's - Class A and C motorhomes catalytic converter protection.


RV's and Ford E-Series vehicles are among the toughest to protect - often parked in remote areas for extended periods of time and easy access to the catalytic converter. The Max Protect Catstrap Kit features our strongest design (with three layers of custom-hardened strip steel), specifically for the Ford-chassis. Impractical to cut with commonly used cutting tools (e.g., sawzall).  


On Ford-based RV chassis ( all F53, E-450, and E-350 models), the typical target is the rear converter - about 4 ft in front of the muffler.  This kit includes two (2) 5ft long straps built heavy duty with three (3) layers of ultra-hardened cutting blade steel. This kit is available with or without the Cateye Alarm (manual version included for RVs). 


Designed specifically for these RVs such that the two straps overlap each other and cover both sides of the pipe on the rear-side of the converter.


  • Two (2) Catstraps (5 ft long) with triple-layer design of custom, ultra-hardened strip steel (55 HRC hardness specification)
    • Designed such that the straps overlap on the rear side of the converter, covering both top and bottom of the exhaust pipe for 2X the cutting demand. 
  • Made with an Orange Warning Strip for additional visual deterrent.
  • Built-In Heat-Activated Adhesive Strip that bonds to the converter body
  • 20 Stainless Steel Ties (u-bolt exhaust clamps not included)
  • Two (2) Bright Yellow Warning Label




Importantly, the strap that runs along the bottom side of the converter is able to be routed through the heat shield, which greatly benefits attachment strategy on these chassis (see 0:32 mark in video below). 

RV Max Protect Catstrap Kit (Class A & C RVs)

  • RV's require Max protection - isolated parking for extended periods. Rear Converter is extremely exposed and there is lots of open work space for thief to operate in - with heavy tools.  This RV Kit forgoes the use of the cables, but provides more protection by tripling the the layers of hardened cutting blade steel.  This RV Version of the Catstrap is less flexible than the standard version, but that's ok....  RV exhaust configurations are very simple, pipes are very straight, no need to follow sharp concours typical in passenger car applications. 



    • 2 -  Heavy Duty Straps (5 ft length each) featuring 3 layers of Ultra-Hardened cutting blade steel 
    • 1 -  Cateye Alarm (optional)
    • 20 - Stainless Steel Ties
    • Clamp Collars (note: exhaust clamps not included) 
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