The CatStrap™ is easy to install and works on any vehicle.

Unlike obtrusive cage-design systems that only fit on certain vehicles ,the CatStrap™ provides a clean, simple installation on all vehicles because it requires less than 3/8" clearance for installation - a must for today's space starved under-car designs.


The CatStrap™  requires no special tools. The entire installation can be complete in less than 30 minutes, and with the cost of replacing a catalytic converter, is well worth the time and price of the CatStrap™.




Installation Points

Catstrap logo
Catstrap logo

 Here are some some pictures of a typical installation to be used as a guide. 

NOTE the use of   HARD EXHAUST CLAMPS  used at either side of the converter and at the extremity of the strap - to be purchased locally.  These clamps can be tightened to the point where they actually form to the pipe, so that even if cut, require significant effort to remove, using a hammer. 

Install along the bottom of the exhaust pipe in order that the bright yellow warning label is as visible as possible

Exhaust Clamps
Catstrap logo

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Extra shipping charges for any shipments outside USA